About the Register, Patricia Harris

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Patricia Harris is the 14th Register to serve the district since its inception in 1790 when the one Registry for Berkshire County was divided into three districts: the Middle, Northern and Southern.

Patricia’s entire professional career has been based in, near and around the Registry of Deeds, beginning her career as a Paralegal and Title Examiner and subsequently as a Registry of Deeds staff member, Assistant Register and finally elected to the position of Register of Deeds for the term beginning January 2, 2013.

She is positively delighted to be the head of such an important office and is absolutely dedicated to the public to whom she serves. A native of Pittsfield, Patricia currently resides in Hinsdale, Massachusetts.

Past Registers:

Caleb Hyde, of Lenox 1790-1796
Samuel Quincey, of Lenox 1796-1801
Joseph Tucker, of Lenox 1801-1847
George J. Tucker, of Lenox 1847-1856
M. S. Wilson, of Lenox 1856-1862
George J. Tucker, of Lenox 1862-1877
Theodore L. Allen, of Pittsfield 1877-1881
Henry M. Pitt, of Pittsfield 1881-1922
Walter S. Dickie, of Pittsfield 1922-1950
Anna L. Tyler (temporary) of Pittsfield 11/8/1950-12/6/1950
Harold F. Goggins, of Pittsfield 1950-1977
Mary K. O’Brien, of Pittsfield 1977-2007
Andrea F. Nuciforo, of Pittsfield 2007-2012