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The Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds has an office in Pittsfield and its records are comprised of the City of Pittsfield and the Towns of Becket, Dalton, Hinsdale, Lee, Lenox, Otis, Peru, Richmond, Stockbridge (including the villages of Glendale & Interlaken), Tyringham and Washington. You will find documents pertaining to the land located in said City and Towns; including but not limited to deeds, mortgages, discharges, assignments, declarations of trust, liens, executions, attachments, easements, boundary line agreements and any document that affects the ownership of land; including subdivision plans and surveys.

The mission of the Berkshire Middle District Registry of Deeds is to record all documents according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Deed Indexing Standards created by the Massachusetts Registers and Assistant Registers of Deeds Association, promptly and efficiently by a knowledgeable and capable staff member and to accurately and securely maintain and preserve all land records indefinitely for the public to access both on the premises and electronically.

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